02—31 OCT

Singapore Girl and the Chamber of Trials and Tribulations
Exhibition by The Substation x Becca d’ Bus

26—28 OCT, 02—04 NOV

She’s A Great Way  To Fly Theatre variety show co-presented with Tan Kheng Hua

Tickets on sale from 24 August.

06 OCT

SAD: This Girl’s In Love With YouTickets coming soon.

The stratospheric icon of the Singapore Girl emerges in early independence, when this city positions itself between East and West. We look at an early instance of deployed heritage, whose conscripted body has birthed decades of post-colonial nation building, paradigms of Asian hospitality, and fantasies of the kebaya-clad Oriental Other.

Why have we celebrated this complex national figure for close to 50 years? And how has every Singaporean worn a kebaya-print at some point in their lives?

SAD tickets are GOING, GOING, GONE...???

TICKETS ON SALE NOW for SAD: Going, Going, Gone...???, a multi-disciplinary event that celebrates the peculiarities of The Substation!
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Closing date: 1 September 2018
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