For the month of October, we look at an early instance of deployed heritage, the iconic Singapore Girl, through an interactive exhibition, a theatre variety show by Tan Kheng Hua, and of course, a SAD party.

Singapore Girl and the Chamber of Trials and Tribulations

Interactive experience by The Substation

What goes into making a stratospheric icon? How heavy does the weight of heritage rest on one Singapore Girl's deportment? How much cabin pressure is cinched into the form-fitting and beautiful seams of the kebaya?

Pit your form against the national standard to see if you—or anyone—fit; have your deviation from the icon scored; and pick up a few in-flight experiences along the way. 

This is an interactive experience that requires pre-registration of slots.

Registration link coming soon.

Fridays, 5–8PM
Saturdays & Sundays, 2–8PM
Closed on Mondays to Thursdays

The Substation Gallery
Free Admission

26, 27 & 28 OCT
2, 3 & 4 NOV, 8PM

The Substation Theatre

$25 (show only) or
$30* (show + afterparty)

*Afterparty only on 28 Oct & 3 Nov,
inclusive of 1 drink


She’s A Great Way To Fly

Co-presented with Tan Kheng Hua

Ladies & gentleman, this is a test. How “Singapore” is the “Singapore Girl” the whole world knows and desires? And why is she not a “Singapore Woman”? More importantly, will the kebaya hold up in the face of an inflight emergency? Is the slit high enough to send her down the aisle to save lives? A motley crew of artists test this dress and ponders the brand’s success. 

Fasten Your Seatbelts. Stay In Your Seats. Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously, Ok? This Is Only A Test.

Featuring performances by Yen Then, ScRach MarcS, Jana Ann & Joy Ng, Leonard Choo, Audrey Teong, Shirin Keshvani, Alysha Chandra,  and Jacqueline Chang, and a short film by Andre Chong & Lim Zeharn.

With support from Alberta Wileo, Day Cutiongco, and Allison Menon.

Who Are You? (Singapore Girl)

The Singapore Girl is deconstructed from the perspectives of different field specialists.

John Clang (Artist)
Koh Buck Song (Writer)
Dr. Simon Obendorf (Academic)

6 OCT, 6–7.30PM

The Substation Theatre
Free Admission

6 OCT, 8.30–10PM
The Substation Theatre

Standard: $12
Concession: $8

I Am Not a Witch

A dark satirical fairy tale about a little girl accused of being a witch. Shula (meaning ‘to be uprooted’) is a nine-year-old girl who has to make a choice: accept being branded and marketed as a witch by society, or to sever ties with tradition and be transformed into a goat.

A parable of magic and misogyny, superstition and social strictures in African culture, the film is an ironic take on how culture and tradition shape (and exploit) female iconology to form the perspectives of society at large.

The first feature by Zambian-born, Welsh-raised director Rungano Nyoni, I Am Not a Witch debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, and was selected recently as the British entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards.

SAD: This Girl’s in Love with You

Co-presented with Becca d’Bus

October's SAD (ad)dresses the nation's favourite snug kebaya-clad icon, The Singapore Girl. Is she a problematic figure? Are her perfectly coiffed hair and cherry red lips still the paradigm of Asian warmth, elegance, and beauty? Were they ever? We don't know. But we're throwing a party in her honour anyway.

From an alternative Balmain army led by Becca d'Bus, to a slew of performers, to late-night confession sessions with ex-crew members; come to be draped in batik, sprinkled with glitter, and regaled by what it means to be a Singapore Body.


13 OCT, 6–12PM
The Substation 

$15, or $25 with 2 free drinks